Hero & Zero: A scooter spill & dopey drivers

By Nikki Silverstein

Hero: One minute Jan and her hubby were enjoying a ride on their Vespa and the next minute they were lying in a ditch on Paradise Drive in Tiburon. The wipeout left Jan with a broken foot, and her husband suffered from sore ribs and road rash. A Tiburon resident, Joanne, arrived on the scene, called 911 and stayed with the San Rafael couple to ensure that they received the necessary care. Indeed, they did. A concerned bicyclist stopped to give them water, and soon personnel from the Tiburon Police and Fire departments and the CHP responded in force. The couple asked us to extend their gratitude to everyone who helped and to give a special shout-out to Joanne for her kindness and compassion.

Zero: In two days, two dimwit drivers stumbled into the open handcuffs of CHP officers. Last Tuesday, Donald Gendron, 44, of Petaluma, went to the Corte Madera CHP office to report a collision from the previous weekend. Officers noted that Gendron reeked of alcohol and had driven himself to their office. He was arrested in the CHP lobby. The following day, a CHP officer observed a car traveling northbound in the southbound lanes of 101 near the CHP truck scales in San Rafael. Peter Cerrutti, 49, of Willits, entered the scales driving the wrong way. Fortunately, a CHP officer blocked the exit with his vehicle and Cerrutti was arrested for a DUI. Hail to the CHP for taking these idiots off Marin’s roads.

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