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I just don’t get it. America has an ex-president:

implicated in insurrection and sedition,

who is a philanderer and sexual predator,

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who is a serial liar (nationally and internationally),

who is someone who has treated veterans, women, minorities, et al with demeaning/condescending verbiage and attitude,

who seeks to make America a vassal state to Russia,

who routinely violates the rule of law.

And, yet, a new poll shows this former president narrowly ahead of President Joe Biden in what’s shaping up to be a close contest nationally.

Should the ex-president win, then all support for veterans, women, minorities, international relations, et al should be terminated forthwith.

Gary Sciford

Santa Rosa

Broom Zoom

Regarding “‘Broom’ Doom & Gloom,” from the Jan. 31, 2024, edition of the Pacific Sun, the Fairfax and Corte Madera branches of Marin County Free Library loan out “extractigators,” a tool designed to pull up Scotch broom by the roots. The tool comes in two sizes and can be borrowed for two weeks.

Margaret Miles

Branch Manager, Fairfax Library


  1. Santa Rosa reader can’t believe Trump polls better than Biden-well I reckon he hasn’t been on the roads lately in his county of origin. Trump bumper stickers are numerous with nary a Biden 2024 sticker or placard to be seen. Maybe he thinks racism is over like the US Supreme Court? Out of touch maybe?

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