.Hero and Zero: Props, CHP and Boo, AT & T

by Nikki Silverstein

Hero: Remember what terrible drivers we were during our teen years? Those risky maneuvers and lack of judgment causing near misses? If you made it through those early driving years unscathed, bravo, because not everyone was so lucky. The leading cause of death among American 15-to-20-year-olds is car collisions. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) in Marin is taking a proactive stance to help prevent accidents by offering a free “Start Smart” class. The goal is to help young drivers and parents understand the responsibilities associated with driving and how poor choices behind the wheel can change the lives of everyone involved. The class will be held at the CHP office in Corte Madera on Wednesday, August 26 at 7pm. RSVP by calling 415/924-1100. Thanks, CHP.

Zero: Though AT&T promises to “Remobilize Your World,” that only seems to work if you remain immobile. Dr. Ann Troy, a well-loved Marin pediatrician, closed her office in May to join a Terra Linda practice in June. Patients were notified of the move; however, some didn’t receive the letter. As a backup measure, Dr. Troy arranged with AT&T that callers to her old number would hear a message giving the new number. Instead, the communications company cut off service and callers heard, “This number has been disconnected.” It took five weeks of repeated calls to AT&T and the threat of a lawsuit to remedy the problem. Frustrating process. Let’s all take a deep breath, exhale and write down Dr. Troy’s new number: 415/479-8642.

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