.Letters to the Editor: Readers Respond to “Story of Tamál Húye”

Come to Grips

I am so happy for your lengthy article on the need to preserve the Native American lands and cultural history in Marin County (“Story of Tamál Húye,” May 5).

The arrogant and destructive attitudes and behavior of the European colonists toward the Indigenous people of the Americas has been a profound tragedy, and not only for  those millions of Native people who were killed and oppressed during the creation of the United States. In fact, our entire nation—and the world—are now suffering the effects of this senseless and totally disrespectful destruction of the beautiful and spiritually wise original inhabitants of our lands.

Had the colonists from Europe respected and learned the ways of living in harmony and love with our natural environment and the wildlife from the tribal people already living here for thousands of years, the United States could have become a balanced and integrated society living in peace and love with the rest of humankind.

However, it may not be too late if we come to grips with our basic mistake and transform our nation, along the principles of harmony and love for our lands that the people here taught us.

Rama Kumar, Fairfax

Winning Story

Peter Byrne deserves a Pulitzer for his excellent article (“Story of Tamál Húye,” May 5). Theresa Harlan’s fight should be the final nail in the coffin of ranching in the Point Reyes National Seashore.

I really hope the Biden-Harris administration, specifically Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland—the first indigenous person to serve as a U.S. cabinet secretary—rejects the proposal to allow ranching to continue in PRNS.

One hundred fifty years of environmental destruction and displacement of native people, flora and fauna is enough. It’s time to let the land and tule elk heal.

Chris Wenmoth, Sebastopol

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