.Letters to the Editor: Past It’s “Good By” Date

Past Time

I read with interest the sad story of Mr. Peter and the City of Petaluma (“Spilled Milk,” Jan. 27). First off, I think it necessary to reiterate the obvious: full marks to the City of Petaluma for repeatedly trying to see this business succeed. I think a “reasonable” person would agree that basically: enough is enough, and those efforts need to be discarded and further action, like a tax lien, is the next step.

Ray Charles can see that Mr. Peters management of this business presents a real hazard to the community he apparently so wants to be a part of. I personally think this business could possibly be profitable, but it will take a person with tenacity and willingness to work within the system as it is today, as well as management skills and a solid business plan to make this happen. Here’s to hoping so. When one has a carton of milk which is spoiled … Mr. Peters is past his “best by” date.

Joseph Brooke, Pt. Reyes Station

New Start


President Biden is foolishly endangering this nation and the whole humanity by attempting to intimidate Russia’s President Vladimir Putin with his barrage of highly critical and insulting remarks made toward Russia’s present leader. I was hoping-perhaps naively-that our new President would show greater wisdom than our former presidents by finally replacing the U.S.’s cold war hostility towardRussia with a genuinely sincere attempt to de-escalate the frightening tensions with that great nation. It is this angry rivalry between our nations that has created the suicidal nuclear arms race and has kept the entire human race in constant peril of a nuclear holocaust.   

By quickly leveling serious charges of human rights abuses against President Putin, President Biden has denied Russia’s leader of the basic right afforded to even common criminals-the right and human courtesy to express his own views on Navalny’s arrest ect. without being prejudged as guilty.   

It is this constant and underlying rage expressed by our new president toward another world leader that has brought nations to war in the past 10,000 years and led to the deaths of untold millions of innocent human beings in the most ugly and inhuman military conflicts imaginable.   

To continue on this now ancient path toward future wars will lead to the destruction of all life on this planet. The impending catastrophe of global warming coupled with the existence of thousands of nuclear weapons will not permit us humans to remain as we are. Our very survival as individuals and as a species demands that humankind take a quantum leap in intelligence, empathy and understanding each other.    

In the name of sanity and all that is beautiful, just and compassionate, I urge President Biden and our nation’s other leaders to abandon this failed path of anger, excessive national pride and international confrontation. We must not miss the fleeting opportunity to join with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and all the other nations of the world in finally replacing violence, hatred, global warming and nuclear weapons with genuine international peace and an atmosphere of love and human solidarity.   

Most sincerely yours,     

Rama Kumar, Fairfax

Convict Trump

Dear Editor,

Today I was sickened once again by the video scenes of mayhem at the Capitol on January 6. Ask anyone who was involved (or see their hats, banners, and flags) and they will say they were “invited” by Trump. That they were urged to storm the Capitol. We heard him do that, and imply he would go with them. It was criminal of a President–or a private citizen–to request this deadly action.

People were killed. Others thought they would die. Senators were threatened. People were using the American flag to beat police officers. The world was watching the near downfall of our Democracy.

What are Senators doing in Washington if they do not have the moral courage to uphold their oath of office, and defend the constitution by officially condemning and convicting Donald Trump? Damn their next election. Vote to uphold decency and Democracy!

Alice Cochran, San Rafael

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