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Perusing the expansive property of Green Jeans Garden Supply feels more akin to taking a stroll through a botanical garden than it does any sort of stereotypical plant-shopping experience. From the second one enters the well-planted gates that serve to block off Mill Valley’s busy freeway, the din of Marin’s day-to-day hustle and bustle fades away and is replaced by a sense of natural tranquility.

Unlike most garden shops, the merchandise available at Green Jeans Garden Supply is not organized and labeled by perennial versus annual and other such marketing and sales tricks and tactics. Instead, customers are free to wander up and down the winding paths to experience the plants in a much more natural and appealing setting. From edibles to ornamentals, and all the native species and houseplants in between, this garden shop is really something to behold.

In the back, a monarch butterfly tent serves to house caterpillars as they munch away at merchandise in preparation for becoming butterflies. Above, the trees play host to baby birds in nests. And various statues and decorations add texture and character, perhaps inspiring customers to create their very own garden reprieve.

Green Jeans Garden Supply opened 26 years ago, and is owned and operated by local couple Kevin Sadlier and Xander Wessels. Sadlier also happens to be the commissioner chair of Marin’s Integrated Pest Management Commission, as well as the president of the Mycological Society of Marin. So, one may bring some mushrooms for identification and some grand ideas for a garden, because Marin’s best organic garden shop has been here the whole time.

Green Jeans Garden Supply is located at 690 Redwood Hwy. in Mill Valley. For more information, call 415.389.8333 or visit the website at greenjeansgardensupply.com.


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