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With due respect to Norman Solomon and others who oppose a third political party, we don’t have too many options to save democracy. Campaign finance reform is unlikely, as are term limits for federal office holders and members of the judiciary who hold lifetime appointments. The professional politicians who we voted in have boxed us into a corner. In a reform-proof system, the only remedy is to vote incumbents out across the board.

Craig J. Corsini

San Rafael

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Ranked Choice

I’ve got a lot of respect for Norman Solomon. I’m glad to hear he wrote a new anti-war book.

I honestly don’t understand his opposition to “third party” candidates. Barack Obama created more wars than George Bush. Donald Trump (who I would never vote for) didn’t add any wars, first president in a very, very long time to do that.

Solomon will once again be backing a cognitively impaired, corrupt warmonger for November 2024. First off, whoever the Democrat nominee is, is going to win California by millions of votes. So there’s no reason not to make a vote of conscience on a candidate, like Cornel West, who may be the smartest person to ever run for president.

It’s time to allow free speech in the voting booth by allowing people to vote for whomever they think is the best candidate without people vote-shaming them and without feeling guilty if the person they don’t like gets elected.

Ranked choice voting is freedom! The two party duopoly system is completely dysfunctional and needs to be challenged on all sides with greater diversity of voices.

Dave Heller

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