.Corner Bar: Mill Valley Cocktail Lounge Opens

Marin’s local culinary enthusiasts are eager to welcome Corner Bar to the bustling streets of downtown Mill Valley.

This highly-anticipated addition to the county’s eats and drinks scene is the perfect combination of a chic cocktail lounge aesthetic and service meeting that casual and easy beer and bites vibe.

Corner Bar is officially open for business as of Wednesday, April 24, and those behind the bar are excited to stun customers with an eclectic and delicious selection of cocktails, craft beers, tasty Mediterranean bites and oh so much more.

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“We want something where you feel comfortable to come in for a beer like you would with a real bar, but where you can also get a high-level cocktail with food and legitimate, high-level service,” said Corner Bar partner Jason Sims.

The masterminds behind this chic new cocktail lounge/casual beer bar are Mill Valley culinary legends Bill Higgins, Peter Schumacher and Sims. Higgins, Schumacher and Sims are known for their work at well-known local eateries Buckeye Roadhouse, Playa and Bungalow 44, respectively. Meanwhile, Kevin Blum, editor of the Marin Dish, is handling the hype train for Corner Bar. Together, these local food, drink and hospitality experts are flexing their combined experience to bring the best of the best to Corner Bar and its customers.

“Drinks-wise, I like to do lots of approachable, fun drinks,” said Sims. “We have a little essentials section with three cocktails for $10 every day, all day,” he continued. “One of those is an espresso martini…and I’m also doing a mojito…and then we have a whisky sour that we make with cinnamon syrup, and it’s delicious. I’m also always going to rotate a shot on [the essentials menu].”

The tasty tidbits on the menu at Corner Bar were artfully crafted by chef Michael Siegel of Playa and San Francisco’s Bix and Betelnut restaurants. Marin’s foodies will approve of the salmon tartare; duck wings with a l’orange glaze; a mezze plate with pita, hummus and piquillo pepper; and fries with a tzatziki dip (to name only a few).

“The food is really so cool,” Sims said. “It’s meant to be shared; we’re not serving just standard entrees, but lots of small plates meant to be shared like hummus…we’re even doing caviar service.”

“We also have this roasted lamb neck that’s just so good,” he continued. “It’s just this super tender meat that comes with lettuce cups and sauce, and you build your own cup—it’s so interactive and fun.”

Alongside tender and delicious lamb neck, Corner Bar’s mains menu includes large and small charcuterie boards, a hamachi collar, a burger with fries, ravioli and much more. And for dessert, Corner Bar customers can anticipate a chocolate pot de creme, or Basque-style cheesecake with orange marmalade or ice cream.

Much like the menu, Corner Bar’s venue is simultaneously cozy, casual and refined, thanks to the deft expertise of its accomplished architect, Tim Dixon, and the well-regarded designer, Liz Schumacher. Corner Bar can seat 60 patrons at a time, striking that perfect balance between intimate and lively, just like Mill Valley itself.

“It’s right in downtown Mill Valley on the corner,” Sims said. “We really wanted to tap into the crowds from before and after Sweetwater shows or the Throckmorton Theatre. It’s also a perfect location if you’re on the way to Muir Woods or Stinson Beach.”

Corner Bar, 106 Throckmorton Ave., Mill Valley. Open 4 to 11pm, Monday through Thursday; from 4pm to midnight on Fridays, and 4 to 9pm on Sundays. To learn more about Corner Bar, call 415.888.8001 or visit cornerbarmv.com.


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