.Your Letters, Week of Feb. 1

For the Elk

Thank you for your presentation of the land and park management questions in the “Fenced In” article and issue cover published recently. I personally had no idea about this lingering (and appalling) question impacting the Tule elk in the park grounds, and I appreciate that the Bohemian chose to cover this topic in such a way.  

Giving this issue a spotlight allows more community members to become alerted and engaged (like myself!)…No matter which direction majority opinions may ultimately lean, communities can’t effectively highlight and resolve decision points like this one if the issue at hand isn’t widely known to begin with. In Defense of Animals (IDA) petition signed, and eagerly following from here on out!

Molly Cohen


Where’s the Beef?

Regarding the conflict over beef and dairy cattle in Point Reyes National Seashore (PRNS): It seems that protests, lawsuits and acts of vandalism are not achieving the desired result of mooving (sic) the cows out and freeing the elk from their enclosure. What has yet to be discussed, let alone acted upon, is a consumer boycott of the beef and dairy products that originate in whole or in part from the ranches located in PRNS.

If ranching opponents could convince people not to buy the ranches’ products, and/or convince retailers not to stock them, that would convince the ranches to leave PRNS faster than any protest or lawsuit ever will.

Chris Wenmoth

Santa Rosa


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