.Hero and Zero: The gift of lights and flesh-peddler in Marin

by Nikki Silverstein

HERO: Chad and Carolyn Carvey gave the gift of light to boats anchored out in the Richardson Bay near Sausalito. Folks on the live-aboards don’t usually have electricity, making decorating with holiday lights difficult. The Carveys donated LED lights powered by solar energy to about 50 boats. The Sausalito Lions Club and the Christ Episcopal Church in Sausalito contributed to the purchase of the lights and other local merchants donated coffee, candy and waterproof cellphone bags. The idea behind the gifts is to encourage the live-aboards to feel that they’re part of the Sausalito community. Though controversy over the floating community remains due to fire, health and pollution hazards, the Carveys want to build a bridge over those troubled waters. We hope smooth sailing continues.

ZERO: Once again, a child was brought to Marin by a pimp. Unfortunately, the pair wasn’t here to enjoy a hike through Muir Woods or take selfies at Vista Point. They traveled to a Terra Linda hotel to sell the sexual services of a 16-year-old school girl, which begs the question, who among us is buying? San Rafael police think that the child may have had sex with more than one customer. While we hold the flesh-peddler responsible for trafficking and exploiting the minor, the men that answered the Internet ad are just as culpable. Too bad we don’t have the names of the local customers, because they deserve to be outed and publicly humiliated. When a child is involved, prostitution is not a victimless crime.



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