.Hero & Zero: People Protectors & A Tree Killer

Hero: The volunteers of the Marin County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue team are true heroes. In their 50 or more operations each year, they search for folks missing in the wilderness or urban settings, hunt down evidence for Marin law enforcement agencies and assist during natural disasters. Right now, they’re searching for new volunteers. Team members are of various ages, backgrounds and experience levels, but share a common interest in helping people and serving their community. The work is rewarding, but it isn’t easy. Youths and adults have to make a two-year commitment, pass basic fitness requirements and go through boot camp to qualify. If you’re prepared to carry out missions during difficult circumstances, visit marinsar.org/apply/ to learn more. The application deadline is February 23.

Zero: Marinites sure do covet their million-dollar vistas and go to great lengths to preserve them. In Sausalito, on Stanford Way, a moron permanently trimmed a tree guilty of blocking bay views by climbing said tree, drilling holes in the top of it and pouring diesel fuel into the trunk. The poor tree succumbed to the vandalism and had to be cut down to a stump. Apparently, we’re so entitled that NIMBYism is no longer good enough. We’ve now graduated to not in my neighbor’s backyard either. The poisoned tree, located on the property of the Terraces of Sausalito Homeowners Association, was removed by a hazmat team. To date, each of the 23 homeowners has forked over a grand to cover the expensive chopping and disposal.

Nikki Silverstein
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