.Trivia – 05/04/2022

Photo by Miller Oberlin

1 Can you identify two lakes, one in Oakland and one in San Francisco, whose names begin with “M”?

2 What two physical objects were displayed on the flag of the former Soviet Union?

3 It is said that Doris Day, who died in 2019, had turned down a 1967 movie role because it offended her sense of morality—this role was later filled by Anne Bancroft, who gained an Oscar nomination. What role in what 1967 film did Doris Day turn down?

4 What are the largest animals ever known to exist?

5 What three countries today are the biggest total consumers of fossil fuels?

6 The three-word title of what top-grossing 2006 movie included the name of a person who died in 1519? 

7 Which U.S. state has the lowest per capita annual personal income, about $39,000?

8 What are the Latin and Greek names for what we call the Earth?

9 What is the modern name for the country formerly known as British Honduras?

10 What three U.S. presidents were the tallest—at least 6’3?

BONUS ANSWER: Cinco de Mayo is an observance of the Mexican army’s unexpected victory on May 5, 1862 over overwhelming military forces from what country, at what battle, named for a state of southern Mexico?

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1 Lake Merritt in Oakland

   Lake Merced in San Francisco

2 Hammer and sickle, tools of labor

3 Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate

4 Blue whales—bigger than dinosaurs and mastodons

5 China, U.S., India

6 Da Vinci Code

7 Mississippi

8 Terra in Latin and Gaia or Ge in Greek (as in geology, geography and geometry)

9 Belize

10 Lincoln (6’4″), L.B. Johnson and Donald Trump (6’3″), and Thomas Jefferson was 6’2.5″

BONUS ANSWER: Mexico’s victory over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla


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