Under Attack


I am an ordinary citizen. I don’t have a high security clearance and get classified information from a large array of expensive government agencies. 

Regardless, it is easy for me to see that my way of life is under attack. By that I mean, the government of The United States of America is under attack. No, not an armed military attack. A concerted effort from not only within the government, but from foreign individuals. 

The man who calls himself President has controllers like the Koch and Mercer families, (and many more); the rich, government people in countries all over the Earth (like Russia and China) and elected officials in our government (like Moscow Mitch, Ted Cruz, and many more) destroying the fabric that holds our country together. Voter suppression, attacks on the Social Security system, destruction of the oldest, most highly supported government agency, The Postal Service, isolating the USA from the rest of the world, leaving WHO (World Health Organization), going against the foundation of the creation of the USA, immigration, promoting White Nationalism, denying health care … it goes on and on. 

I feel like I am being attacked! Leaves a huge hole in my heart as I think of what the future holds for us, the ordinary citizen.

Don Landis



In addition to harming humans, glyphosate is extremely harmful to many pollinators (“Roundup Row,” News, Aug. 5), most notably the honeybee. And we all know what happens when they are gone.

Stevie Jean Lazo



  1. Don Landis’ letter about feeling under attack is very high consciousness. This is not a new phenomenon. The second u.s. president John Quincy Adams was more of a British agent then an American president as evidenced by his attempts to undo virtually everything Alexander Hamilton had done for the country under George Washington. It is under glass in Washington DC ; written communication between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton where Jefferson chided Hamilton for not using taxpayer money to make his own life better. He said Hamilton was making the other politicians look bad. Hamilton wrote back that he could never use taxpayer money for his personal needs.
    Politics is the most of the venal profession known on Earth. Venal means open to collusion and bribery.


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