.Hero & Zero: Marin bread for Pope Francis & entangled turtles

By Nikki Silverstein

Hero: Pope Francis chose to visit New York over Marin, but he needed our divine bread to go with that big apple. Rustic Bakery, based in Marin, provided olive oil and sel gris flatbread and rosemary pan forte crostini for the pontiff and his aides during flights to their U.S. destinations. The organic crostini was baked in a stone hearth oven in downtown Larkspur, while the artisan flatbread came from the Novato location. How in heaven’s name did the Vatican know about Rustic Bakery? The bakery supplies its favorite fares to an airline caterer, which sent the goods to the papal chef. We like to think that the pope noshed on crackers and bread handcrafted in Marin as he discussed the need to curtail climate change and immigration.

Zero: Pray for the welfare of the ocean’s creatures, especially the Pacific leatherback sea turtle. The body of a dead leatherback was discovered off the coast of Marin in the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary by a marine biologist aboard a whale watching boat. Entangled in crab fishing gear, the gentle giant’s neck was encircled in ropes and polystyrene floats. Though the crab season ended in June, equipment is often left behind, threatening the existence of endangered animals, including the rare Pacific leatherback sea turtle. The largest of the seven types of sea turtles, it dives deeper and travels farther than the others. We can help these magnificent beings by reporting sightings and donating to The State of the World’s Sea Turtles. Learn more at seaturtlestatus.org.

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