Hero & Zero: Bravo, MMWD and a self-entitled dog owner

by Nikki Silverstein

Hero: Weed you believe it? Plans to use herbicides in the Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) went down the drain last week during a meeting of the MMWD Board of Directors. Concerned residents packed the room and gave a standing ovation after the board voted to remove herbicides from further consideration in the agency’s Wildfire Protection and Habitat Improvement Plan. A moratorium on herbicides has been in place for the past decade; however, the draft of the plan proposed to bring back toxins, including glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup. Instead, safer methods will be used to control weeds, such as mowing, hand removal, controlled burning, goat grazing and planting beneficial plants to compete with and replace the weeds. Bravo to the MMWD staff and board.

Zero: We adore dogs, but we can’t abide a self-entitled pooch parent in denial about her charge’s unruly behavior. While shopping at Woodlands Pet Food & Treats in the Strawberry Village Shopping Center, Dana was hounded by a large, wet, light brown dog of the designer doodle type. The mutt jumped on her several times and grabbed at her hands with his open mouth. Dana politely asked the blonde woman to leash her dog, since he was dripping wet and mouthy. Rather than contain the pup, the woman said, “It’s clean water. He just had a bath.” Blondie, you know that’s not the point, right? To ensure that you recognize yourself here, your second dog looks like a Mini-Me of the jumper. Please step out of your narcissistic bubble and consider that other people matter.

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