Hero & Zero: Observant adult & naughty kids

hero and zero

By Nikki Silverstein

Hero: A good neighbor helped police snag a suspect in a San Rafael robbery. The hooligan grabbed the victim from behind and forcibly removed the man’s watch from his wrist. Our alert hero read a social media post about his neighbor’s mugging in the Dominican area and realized that he may have the key to the thug’s identity, as he had witnessed a gold-colored Kia driving erratically near the scene of the crime. Better yet, he had written down the license plate number—just in case. The San Rafael police determined that the Kia, a rental car, had been rented by a parolee from Oakland. GPS coordinates placed the vehicle on I-5 in Kern County. Busted. The suspect was nabbed, arrested and returned to Marin.

Zero: A child, Justin Kai, was elected to the Marinwood Community Services District board and serves as president. Another youth, Marinwood resident Stephen Nestel, lost his bid for a board seat last year. The two kids now feud with each other at district meetings. Stephen doesn’t follow the rules of order and becomes disruptive. Justin pulls power plays and calls the Marin County Sheriff to fight his battles. Last month, the prez stopped the proceedings and requested that sheriff’s deputies remove the troublemaker. This might amuse us, except these badly behaved boys, chronologically, are adults. We suggest that Stephen shut his mouth when his turn to speak ends and that Justin stop wasting the cops’ time. As Prince said, “Act your age, not your shoe size.”

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  1. Mr. Nestel has now had the Sheriffs called on him numerous times.This is a HIM problem, not anyone else’s. If he behaved this way at a county meeting he would be escorted out in handcuffs. The Marinwood CSD has been far more tolerant of him than anyone else would have to this point. They had every right to call the Sheriff.

  2. The PS (Pacific Sun/ Patrick Seidman) has it back to front. Kai and Nestel are local heroes. Thanks to Plan Bay Area, SMART and compliant local elected politicians such as Rice, Sears and Kinsey the county, which is already experiencing acute traffic congestion, was faced with Priority Development Areas around SMART stations and transit corridors that would have imposed even more traffic without increasing capacity in a meaningful way (reality check: the SMART train is impractical for most commuters).

    Kai and Nestel were community leaders that successfully opposed this tide pushed by special interests (not least the Pacific Sun) to foist this rapid growth without capacity on the county. In turn they supported the campaigns of truly responsible candidates such as Damon Connolly and in the next election Susan Kirsch and Kevin Haroff who will restore responsible transportation and housing planning to our county.

    Kai and Nestel are the real local heroes. Are they part of some cabal or conspiracy group? Hardly – they’re normal people who don’t agree on everything and they are passionate about our county.

    Of course, what more would one expect from the zeroes at the Pacific Sun which has irresponsibly been advocating rapid growth and priority development areas when they have the chance to take a cheap shot. Sorry who are the zeroes? (The initials “PS” come to mind).

  3. Richard, Richard, Richard. You wrote all of that just to say… Well, I’m not sure what you said. Bottom line, Kai and Nestel may be love Marin; however, they behaved poorly with regard to each other on more than one occasion. That’s the reason they were included in the column.


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