.Letters to the Editor: Preventing Catastrophe

The tragic structure fire in the Sleepy Hollow area of Marin County that left one person dead on Oct. 26 must ignite in us the inner fire needed to combat global warming. We simply cannot allow a handful of irresponsible and reckless energy magnates the “freedom” to continue to destroy our planet’s health and life-supporting ability with their continuing expansion of fossil fuel production and use.

President Biden’s presidency will make it easier for us to work for the transition to renewable energy. However, we can not merely sit back and expect that the coming catastrophe of global warming will be prevented by President Biden.

Joe Biden’s election merely opens the door a little more widely for us to increase the fight needed to halt the deadly destruction of the Earth’s atmosphere with endless pollution from greenhouse gases and the further destruction of our forests and trees. And it is essential that we in the United States insist that the political leadership of the United States end its senseless rivalries with China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. 

The United States must replace its self-defeating policy of fighting against the world’s other superpowers and instead work in alliance with these other major world governments to radically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and to defend the health and restoration of the Earth’s dangerously abused ecosystems. And our window of opportunity is not large.

Time is running out in our ability to create this radical change in humankind’s relationship with nature—with our only home, this Earth. If we fail to act immediately, it will soon be too late to save our lives from this most grave threat to our survival.

Rama Kumar


Pacific Sun
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