.Time Capsule: Kingston Trio revives folk hits in Petaluma

Against all odds, three dangerously coordinated boomers are still singing and strumming the tunes of the Kingston Trio, nearly seven decades after the band first took shape in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. Bohemian pop aesthetic was never the same. The three original band members have since passed away — but the latest stand-ins all have close ties to their Trio forefathers. Plus they look and sound eerily identical. Now they get to brag they’re one of the oldest bands still touring today. The modern iteration of the Trio will bring their time capsule of an American folk-revival set to the North Bay’s time capsule of an old Vaudeville theater at 7 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 2. It’ll be a folksy summer’s night in winter at the cozy Mystic Theatre in Petaluma. Think Appalachian murder ballads, flower-child harmonies, odes to ecology, border-town sagas and other vagabond nostalgia trips for the ages. (Tickets: Eventbrite)


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