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Pandemic perspectives and climate concerns

Forum Fondness

The 9/22 Open Mic—“Isolation and Connection,” by Michael Johnson—not only expressed exactly what I have been feeling about the pandemic and our mental and emotional health, but it was very well written. Also, I thank the Bohemian for providing a forum airing the various opinions of the public, including articles and letters of mine you have graciously published, such as the recent one criticizing your cigarette ads, which were promptly withdrawn.

Barry Barnett

Santa Rosa

Climate Concerns

We should be doing everything we can to stop climate change. And while Congressperson Mike Thompson talks a good game, what is he actually doing about it? It’s true that he co-sponsored the Green New Deal, but that’s the extent of it. He continues to endorse deforestation in the Napa Valley with his silence. The struggle to protect the watershed in Napa County is well known, and yet he hasn’t weighed in on it, even though Mike is himself a constituent here. He could have quite an impact, but he chooses not to. Why not? It is not forbidden for a member of Congress to take positions on local issues. How will it affect you when sea level rises? Supporting social issues is not enough if we’re not going to actually fix the problems.

Jason Kishineff

American Canyon
EDITOR’S NOTE: A news article last week, (“Pot Shops,” Sept. 22) failed to mention that people18 and older can purchase cannabis from dispensaries if they have a valid medical marijuana ID card. The article also did not state that, although the Emerald Cup moved its main event to Los Angeles, it will still host a separate event, the Emerald Cup Harvest Ball, in Santa Rosa. The article has been updated online.

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