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ACLU vs. Sheriff Doyle

Nikki Silverstein’s excellent report (“Sharing, Not Caring,” Pacific Sun, Oct. 27) on the ACLU’s lawsuit against Sheriff Doyle over his sharing of license plate surveillance data with federal agencies points up the Sheriff’s arrogant disregard for state law and Marin County community sentiment. 

In the election to choose his successor, I hope the candidates, especially Undersheriff Jamie Scardena, will strongly disavow this practice. We need a more enlightened approach to dealing with our immigrant community and using technology and surveillance in a manner that respects the privacy and civil rights of all our community members.

Jeff Lapic


Safe to Cross

It is vital that children can safely access education and feel comfortable walking to school, which often falls upon the hands of our local leaders to provide the necessary precautions to enable student safety. As such, Pivot Charter School North Bay would like to express our gratitude toward the City of Santa Rosa regarding the addition of a new crosswalk on Cleveland Avenue and State Farm Drive. 

Our students’ safety is our top priority, and at times, their safety is out of our control. The new school zone crosswalk, accompanied with signs on each side of the street, fresh paint and new verbiage to slow for the school crossing, provides relief that drivers will know to exercise greater caution on our road. Furthermore, it imparts assurance that the City and the Santa Rosa community will do what is in their power to protect our students. 

As the City continues to focus on public safety measures, we hope to see continued investments toward protecting schools and the children of our community. We extend our greatest appreciation for the progress made by the City and the care shown toward our students.

Jayna Gaskell 

Pivot Charter Schools Executive Director

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