Style: Back in blue

This season, skiiing styles come full circle on the slopes

by Katie Rice Jones

Last time I went skiing with any frequency, everyone wore shockingly bright-colored ski attire and straight skis. Nobody wore helmets. In 2015, I endeavor to ski again. With a set of season passes in my hand, two children out of toddler mode at my side, and the smell of alpine on my mind, I am ready to hit the slopes.

While I have been skiing since I was 4 years old—(a Midwestern pastime)—I don’t count myself as an excellent skier. However as a fashion-lover, I have always been well-attired for the hill. Since I hardly think my bright blue, belted Post Card unisuit (which once garnered style cred on the slopes of Ajax (Aspen) and Portillo (Chile) will best represent my current sense of style, I set out to re-outfit myself in the latest ski costume. What I had found was surprising. Turns out I have been off the slopes long enough for fashion trends to circle back. Yes, bright colors, especially electric blue, are all the rage in ski attire. Here are just a few of the cool, new blue ski items on display at Marin retailers:

Given the current trends, maybe I don’t need to re-outfit myself for this year’s ski extravaganza (in fashion terms)? My ski costume is electric blue—however it’s also still an unisuit.  


Tight pieces: Tight pieces accentuate weight gain, while fitted or tailored separates diminish it.

Small-ish separates: You will always look thinner in something that is a little too big, while trying to squeeze into something too small will look like you should have sized-up.

Baggy with baggy: To avoid looking massive, never pair baggy with baggy (see photo). If you want to wear an oversized sweater, pair it with either leggings or skinny jeans.

Large-scale prints: Prints are hot this season, but tread carefully when you wear them. Large-scale prints add dimension and volume to your body.

Layers on layers: Just like when wearing baggy clothes, your outfit should balance fitted layers with loose layers.

Shapeless jackets: Don’t hide your weight gain under an oversized, shapeless jacket. It isn’t helping.  Voluminous jackets with little to no waist definition will make you appear larger.

Shiny separates: Sequin and metallics reflect light, thus casting you in a bigger light.

Bulk accessories: From oversized bags to jewelry to snoods, bulky accessories do little to elongate and slim your body.

Katie Rice Jones is the Pacific Sun’s lifestyle editor-at-large, a Marin-based style expert and author of the maternity fashion book titled, Fashion Dues & Duen’ts; a Stylist’s Guide to Fashionably Embracing Your Baby Bump (Know Act Be Books, 2014). Available NOW at Learn more at

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