A letter writer wishes Julia Child had swung her mallet in the cause of peace, not lunch.

Suffering and Devastation

Good article (“Wilde? Child!” Jan. 9), but it does not take into account the suffering and murder of innocent animals, or the devastation to the climate and earth caused by fishing and animal agriculture. Your thoughts?

Yogaworksatwork, Via Twitter

Now Hiring

Bianca May (Letters, Dec. 12): I read the WH is having difficulty hiring staff lately. Perhaps send them a résumé. I used to call the WH when O was in there and a nice lady would answer the phone. Now it doesn’t even go to a machine . . .

David Curtis, Pacificsun.com

Second Chance

The Marine Mammal Center is the only organization authorized by the National Marine Mammal Fisheries Service to rescue and provide veterinary care for ill and injured marine mammals along 600 miles of California Coast (Heroes & Zeroes, Dec. 12). Please report marine mammals that appear to be ill, abandoned or in danger (415.289.7325). You’ll help give these animals a second chance at life while also aiding researchers with their ongoing studies.

Frank Shinneman, Pacificsun.com

Housing for All

It’s not as if real estate in Marin and Sonoma counties has been affordable anytime recently (“The Rent Kept a-Rollin’,” Dec. 6). We should look at this as an opportunity to build dense, transit-oriented housing for all income levels around all the SMART stations.

Mike C, Via Twitter

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