.How to Create a Home Wellness Space

Do you know where your children are? Of course, you do! They’re stuck inside the same house with you, getting loud and rambunctious. Instead of sending them to their room when they start bickering and complaining, why not go to your room? No, not the bedroom where there’s a pile of laundry and other chores waiting for you. We’re talking about a wellness space you’ve created for times when the world is driving you crazy.

You Deserve a Break
Find a room away from foot traffic and noise. The pitter-patter of feet is not part of this mindfulness mini-vacation. Make sure your space has enough room for your yoga mat and a warrior pose. If you want a space for simple meditation, you still need room to stretch out. Maybe you want to join the latest video chat without being interrupted. Whether it’s the garage, a man-cave, or she-shed, make sure everyone else in your home knows this space is off-limits.

Fresh Air
A musty basement may not be ideal. You want a calming place where you can breathe deeply. Fresh plants clean the air and have a calming effect. What we’re going for is more oasis than jungle. Choose vegetation that’s easy to care for. No need to add to the stress of more chores like constant pruning and watering. Consider a fig tree for the added reward of fresh fruit. They grow well in containers, are small enough to fit in your wellness space and need only a little TLC. Pick a decorative container with semi-sandy soil, place it in a sunny spot, and enjoy.

If smaller is better and you’re looking for a plant that can also help with your mindfulness, a bonsai tree can be therapeutic. Regular misting and a snip here and there can bring an air of spiritual awakening to your wellness routine.

Cleanliness Is Next to Restfulness
Before you can clear your mind, you need to clear your wellness space. It’s tough to reach your zen when you’re surrounded by clutter and thinking about cleaning. A clean space with nothing more than a comfy chair, mat, and some plants are all you need. OK, you may want to add some music and an air purification device.

Take It Outside
If your morning commute is now from the bedroom to the kitchen to the home office, you may need to get outdoors. Sheltering in place doesn’t mean sheltering inside. Whether you want a space for yoga or some journaling, a corner of the backyard may be perfect for some alone time. Set up a mat or small table under the awning or pergola and warn everyone to keep the dog inside. If traffic or other outdoor noise is a problem, drown it out with a small fountain or headphones.

There’s an App for That
You don’t need to drag a Peloton into your wellness space with a video coach barking encouragement. You’ll find plenty of mindfulness apps available on your phone that can help you reach Nirvana. YouTubers post simple and relaxing yoga routines. Apps such as Calm help you meditate and White Noise can drown out the sounds of everyday life just by turning up the volume.

Jennifer Li is a vegan, physical therapist, and yoga instructor who writes about spiritual and wellness issues for both humans and their companions.


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