.Marin County Relaxes Health Restrictions to Allow Curbside Retail, Manufacturing

Citing improvements in testing and a relatively stable number of Covid-19 cases, health officials representing six Bay Area jurisdictions released a statement Monday morning previewing plans to ease health restrictions on some businesses.

The new order will allow retail establishments to offer storefront pickup and let manufacturing, warehousing and logistical operations that support such businesses to resume.

The health officers, who represent Marin, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco and Santa Clara counties as well as the City of Berkeley, say the number of hospitalized cases is stable or decreasing while testing capabilities and Personal Protective Equipment supply for hospital workers has, generally, improved.

“While much work remains to be done, in light of this progress, we are issuing a new order today that allows retail establishments to offer storefront pick-up, and also allows the manufacturing, warehousing, and logistical operations that support retail to resume,” the statement says.

The new order will not change basic restrictions under the current health orders.

“As we reopen certain sectors, Bay Area residents are still required by health order to stay home as much as possible, wear face coverings, and follow the precautions that have helped the region make progress to slow the spread of COVID-19,” the statement says.

A full copy of the revised order will be released later today.

For more information on the new rules in Marin County, click here.

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