Gleason Beach - Sonoma County - CalTrans
Sep 19, 2023

Coastal Questions: Rosanna Xia considers California’s western edge

With the financial and human costs of climate change-fueled natural disasters rising rapidly, a new book invites Californians to reimagine their relationship with the...
Greg King - Golden Gate Bridge - Photo by John Green
Sep 5, 2023

Forest Fights: A conversation with journalist Greg King

Humboldt-based journalist and activist Greg King has spent his life connected to redwood forests. Born and raised in Guerneville near Sonoma County’s few remaining redwood...
Photo by Will Carruthers
Aug 22, 2023

Crossroads: SMART gears up for existential sales tax fight

In June, the Marin County Civil Grand Jury posed an existential question for the North Bay’s passenger rail agency. “SMART at a Crossroads: Here Today,...
Photo by Fakurian/Unsplash
Aug 22, 2023

A.I.rony: State Sen. Bill Dodd automates resolution writing

Add lawmakers to the list of workers whose jobs could be threatened by artificial intelligence. Weighing in on one of the hot topics of the...

Best Place to Catch ‘Boccelism’

Marin Bocce Federation, San Rafael As sunset neared on a recent weeknight, competitors played on each of the Marin Bocce Federation’s 10 courts, taking turns...
Norman Solomon portrait - Photo by Cheryl Higgins
Jul 4, 2023

Norman Solomon reveals America’s ‘invisible’ war machine

When he announced the end of America’s war in Afghanistan in August 2021, President Joe Biden promised that America would continue its “fight against...
Ky Boyd, Rialto Cinemas - GO LOCAL Sonoma County and Kelsey Joy Photography
Jun 27, 2023

North Bay cinemas fight to boost attendance after pandemic dip

Over the past decade or so, movie theaters have been the subject of a lot of media speculation. With the rise of streaming services leading...
Jun 12, 2023

California set to celebrate second annual State Parks Week

The size, age and variety of California’s state parks rank among the best in the country. The Golden State sports 280 state parks, which include...