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Jimmy "Fishbob" Geraghty: a Hero of Marin. Photo by Nikki Silverstein

This week in the Pacific Sun we celebrate our Heroes of Marin issue, with contributions by Tanya Henry and Nikki Silverstein—read on to see who are their favorite people in Marin County. In the music pages, Charlie Swanson talks with indie-rocker Luke Temple and on the big stage, Harry Duke reviews a play that’s keyed in on the Oslo Accords (remember them?). In our dining section, Stephanie Hiller reports from a recent conference dedicated to women farmers—and has an unforgettable lunch at said conference—and I’ve got a writeup on Fairfax resident Giuseppe Dezza’s photos from El Salvador now up at the College of Marin. Pretty heroic stuff, that. Oh, and Wallace Baine’s got a great writeup of a new book about the Brown family dynasty, just in time for Jerry to hit the bricks with the Gav-Gov waiting in the presumptive wings. Speaking of: We’ve also got a handy little guide on how to register to vote in Marin County—and more! —Tom Gogola, News and Features Editor

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  1. So Jim Geraghty – the online bully who challenged an opponent to a cage fight where he would break their legs – is held up as a hero of Marin?

    The one who called on Governor Brown to declare a state of emergency because he accused Marinites for being racists for opposing a flawed rapid high density growth agenda?

    This is worse than Trump’s adulation of Korea’s dictator.

    Going to have to add the Pacific Sun to my comedy news bookmarks.

    Whatever next?

  2. Mr. Hall,

    Better luck next year in getting a Hero nod, though I should point out that NIMBYs usually don’t make it through the initial screening.

    Nikki Silverstein

  3. Ms Silverstein: I’ve seen this man at meetings act out of line, have no capacity to articulate anything of substance at hearings and no evidence to back up his views, which are truly non articulate. Where is his work history? Where are his social justice credentials and under what organization? Wasn’t he a proponent of WinDixie disaster in the making, which is a public health nightmare, affordable for few with garages, making saving emissions a total joke, and how many years did it take to open? Why was that?


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