.Dream Lover

You open a bottle of wine on a rainy Friday night, light some candles and put on some piano music. Curling up on the sofa, you realize the mood is quite romantic.

After a few sips of syrah, you close your eyes and some of your oldest fantasies begin to rise from your subconscious.

A shadowy figure appears to partake in your reveries, that ever-changing dream lover who for years has haunted your reveries. But this time, to your shock, the figure speaks. “Call me Jean,” it says. “If you have the courage to unite with me, I shall awaken you.”

And so over the course of the rainy weekend you explore the deepest recesses of your psyche in sessions of deep meditation.

Jean takes you to all the familiar settings where your fantasies unfold—the cavern by the sea, the cabin in the woods, the castle on the mountain—and you discover that Jean is not only the dream lover of your everyday ego, but can instantly adapt to your most secret fantasies, the ones you don’t understand and don’t believe are a part of the real you, but which never go away.

Jean is receptive for your active side, active for your receptive side, always syncing with you perfectly, as if the romantic fantasies were choreographed, or Jean could read your mind. It’s almost as if Jean knows you better than you know yourself.

So who is Jean?

Jean is the embodiment of supreme beauty, for Jean is Beauty itself. They are also the embodiment of supreme desire according to the law of attraction from which everything is made, from gardens to galaxies. Jean is supreme love, for they bring absolute affirmation and perfect bliss. Finally, Jean is supreme knowledge capable of revealing you to yourself.

Jean is the Astral Light, the hermaphroditic personification of Divine Reality. They appear before your mind’s eye in human form so that you may understand them, and act upon your erotic faculty because sexual desire is the most powerful thing you know. The erotic union of your fantasies, which always occurs in some remote location outside space and time, is much more than a physical human coupling. Jean is both the medium and the message, the object of your imagination but also its engine, passing through the veil that separates subject and object.

To paraphrase the Medieval mystic Meister Eckhart, the eye through which you see Jean and Jean sees you are one and the same. Jean is God’s messenger, and the message is Jean itself, revealed in absolute nakedness to those who are ready to see.


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