Hero & Zero: Hero Scratches Disney Trip & Villain Robs Nonprofit

hero and zero

Hero: A Mill Valley teen was kept indoors for nine months because of a blood disorder. Last July, 15-year-old Jack was finally allowed to go outside after a life-saving bone marrow transplant. The donor was a 23-year-old Australian man who Jack never met. Jack, who’s Asian, was one of the lucky ones, as it’s often challenging for some ethnic groups to find a bone marrow match. Knowing this, when Make-A-Wish offered to grant him a wish, he didn’t ask for a trip to Walt Disney World; he selflessly chose to help others. Jack’s now a bone marrow donation spokesperson, and he wrote and recorded a public service announcement encouraging people, especially of Asian heritage, to join the bone marrow registry at bethematch.org. Bravo Jack for helping save lives.

Zero: Criminals need a set of ethics to follow. Here’s the first tenet: Thou shalt not steal from nonprofit organizations that benefit the public. We’re speaking specifically to the hooded miscreant who smashed a large rock through the front glass door of the Community Media Center of Marin (CMCM) in San Rafael and absconded with four video cameras. The CMCM provides media training and the latest digital tools to empower Marin residents to speak their truth by creating video programs that appear on Marin television. Ironically, the CMCM enables Marinites to use this equipment for free. “So, if you’re reading this, thief, why didn’t you just become a member?” asks Jill Lessard, director of operations. Return the cameras and you can produce a TV show on scoundrel cum human.

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