.Letter: ‘Please do not tell me to go online’

Devoted reader

I have been a devoted reader of the Pacific Sun for most of my life. I eagerly look forward to the new issue each week. Unfortunately the new format has almost entirely killed my interest in reading the paper. I do not want to read about Clubs and Venues. What I need is the music calendar, by day, so I can quickly see what event might be appropriate when I have time to go out.

I am a huge music fan and love all types of live music. I used to leave the paper open on the table all week so I was sure not to miss something epic. Now I have to read each and every venue to see what’s happening. It just isn’t the same. Can you please make this simple format change, restoring the way it worked before? Your Sonoma readers might like it, too. AND please do not tell me to go online. That’s why I have the paper. Thanks for listening.


Pacific Sun
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