.Letters to the Editor—Outrage at Sausalito Police Department and More


I have been following the behavior of the Sausalito Police Department, and I am sickened by the unprofessional and outwardly antagonistic behavior perpetrated against the homeless—and of late, the journalist recently arrested (“First Amendment,” Pacific Sun, Dec. 8).

When the definition of a “police state” comes to mind, it’s very difficult to NOT have the brash and completely inappropriate actions of these officers who are clearly NOT acting to de-escalate the already-tenuous circumstance the city faces, come to mind. Oh yes, let’s bring a civil lawsuit into the mix, as merely asking the DA to drop charges is absurd; a deprivation of this journalist’s personal freedoms and rights to document the activities of the police department were infringed.

I, for one, will stay the hell out of Sausalito. Basically, I don’t care how difficult the job of “the police” is, no justification exists for the actions of a few officers whose job it is to know better.  And when the community—as I have—has lost trust for/in Law Enforcement, it’s a sad day indeed.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

Joseph Brooke

Point Reyes

End the Filibuster

Between Jan. 1 and Sept. 27 of this year, at least 19 states enacted 33 laws that make it harder for Americans to vote—and more will come out of GOP-held state legislatures unless we end the filibuster and protect our voting rights.

So far, I’ve seen more talk than action in the way President Biden has handled our voting-rights crisis. He advocated for voting rights legislation and asked Congress to take action, but if Biden actually wants the Senate to pass voting rights bills, he needs to use his influence as president to get the Senate to abolish the filibuster. Anything less is a failure of leadership.

Nicholas Lenchner

Santa Rosa

music in the park san jose
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