.Hero and Zero: An abalone dinner and a macho biker confrontation

by Nikki Silverstein

HERO: Generosity abounds in Marin. Our civic-minded heroes this week pooled their creativity and talents to make a positive impact in their community. Nathan Cobert, President of the Marin Scuba Club, is an avid abalone diver. When his Terra Linda Rotary chapter held its annual fundraiser last month, Cobert offered to provide the ingredients for an abalone dinner. His donation inspired another Rotarian, Fan Tan Smith, to offer his culinary skills to prepare a lavish six-course feast featuring abalone and exclusive wine pairings. The dinner extravaganza went for a whopping $1400 at auction, with munificent Rotarians Brian McLeran and John Bottari taking home the gastronomic prize. The proceeds benefit the Rotary chapter’s scholarship fund for deserving Terra Linda High School students. Gentlemen, thank you for your service.

ZERO: Let’s consider neutering aggressive males in Marin. It might stop these testosterone-laden, cavemen throwbacks from physically assaulting folks. Our most recent candidate for surgery is the macho mountain biker who used brute force last week during a confrontation with a 65-year-old female hiker on a trail in the Lucas Valley Open Space. Preserve. A witness called 911, and the woman was rushed to the hospital with bruises, cuts and swelling to her head, arm, torso and leg. Don’t forget the tech CEO cyclist who pulled a guy out of a car to violently beat him, and the good doctor who grabbed one of his 50 guns to shoot the road rage man who tailgated him home. If these bullies won’t control themselves, we should help them. Snip, snip.

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