.Hero & Zero: Trash Cleanup & Offensive Costumes

Hero: Trash in Marin’s waterways often starts as litter on our streets. When it rains, untreated refuse goes straight into the storm drain and out to the bay. Help stop the trash flow by connecting with Clean Marin, a coalition of anti-litter groups, and the Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (MCSTOPPP) at the inaugural Trash Summit on Wednesday, November 1, at the Marin Center Exhibit Hall. “The event will provide valuable information and resources on how to join or start your own Clean Marin group,” says Rob Carson, program manager at MCSTOPPP. “Long-term, this is about inspiring all the people and groups to get involved in trash cleanup and work together to find solutions for our watershed.” To register for the free Trash Summit, visit tinyurl.com/cleanmarin.

Zero: If you’re searching for the most offensive Halloween costume, look no further. For around $15-$20 plus shipping, you can dress up your daughter as Holocaust victim Anne Frank. Halloweencostumes.com featured a girl model, with a smile on her face, wearing an outfit described as “WWII Anne Frank Girls Costume.” After public outrage, the company pulled it and apologized. Other sites, however, including Amazon, are still selling it pre-Halloween, promoting it as an Anne Frank costume for “Heroes in History day” at school or a World War II evacuee girl. Whatever. We’re flabbergasted that multiple companies missed the vulgarity of this product. Oh, by the way, Amazon is also hawking a Hitler mask, just in case white supremacists want to pair up the two costumes.

Nikki Silverstein
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  1. RE: Anne Frank costume.
    “BAD TASTE” ?!!!
    I don’t imagine there are too many children who would want to dress up as Anne Frank for Halloween; they seem to prefer fantasy characters; but she IS a famous author and historical hero (we had to read her diary in elementary school), and the fact that she was a child and was killed by the Nazis
    doesn’t make her any less so. Hitler is a famous villain too, like Darth Vader, and Halloween is supposed to be about being whatever hero or villain you choose,
    and being free to express your dark side, your light side, or whichever side you want, as long as nobody is actually getting hurt, not about censorship, especially of true stories ! At least the book just mentioned something about her getting killed and didn’t go into any of the gory details. If you want to see real bad taste, just look at all the bloody corpses and things people are putting on their lawns.


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