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VERTLY body products fill a niche

The idea behind Sausalito-based brand VERTLY is straightforward, and, given the new marijuana legalization laws in California, very logical: The combination of pampering skin and lip products with a hint of cannabis. The mastermind behind VERTLY (vert means green in French) is Claudia Mata, a former accessories editor. Her freshly launched brand first debuted in the Bay Area in August. It includes only two products so far—a rich unscented or citrus and lavender-infused body lotion, with hemp-derived cannabidiol extract (CBD), arnica flower, magnesium, peppermint hydrosol and nourishing plant oils; and a lip balm, with a peppermint or rose scent.

Since moving to California two years ago, back to where her husband grew up, Mata discovered that despite the region’s cannabis abundance, the niche of ‘topicals’ wasn’t to her liking. “My husband’s family has been involved with the cannabis industry for some time, so it wasn’t too far from my vocabulary,” she says. “When we moved, we visited some dispensaries, and I noticed that a lot of the topicals weren’t as much about the experience as about the cannabis.”

While edibles and gourmet cannabis products have been fairy explored, infused topical offerings are relatively new, and all the more fascinating. “We’re really focusing on our CBD lotion and lip balm, as there have been studies about CBD’s calming and inflammatory qualities,” Mata says. “We’re using CBD for wellness properties, and see the lotion as a post-workout recovery potion. In general, the lotion is muscle relaxing and great for healing soreness.” The lip balm, too, is meant for chapped lips and doesn’t deliver a ‘high,’ in case anyone is wondering. “We started with the balm since we wanted our first product to be universally used—something people aren’t intimidated by trying,” she continues.

Mata intends to keep VERTLY small for now, selling directly to consumers online and appearing in brick-and-mortar form only at the stores of Credo Beauty, a small natural beauty chain. “We’re doing a slow and deliberate growth, as I believe in keeping it small and tight,” she says. “I’d rather keep improving on the beneficial wellness qualities than having every product under the sun.”

VERTLY; vertlybalm.com.

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