.Trivia 06/15/2022

1 How did Chileno Valley, located in the rolling hills of northern Marin and the region west of Petaluma, get its name?

2 What are the only animals that generally drink milk drawn from other animals? 

3 From 1954 to 1991, the USSR’s top security and intelligence agency was known by what three-letter name?

4 Tom Cruise’s latest film has produced the biggest box office revenues of any of his movies.  What’s the full title?

5 In English, it’s called the French Riviera, but in the French language, it’s called what?

6 What is the world’s most common blood type?

7 Ludwig Van Beethoven’s ONLY opera, written in 1816, had what faithful title?     

8a. What American airline company is named after a Greek letter?

8b. What Swiss watchmaking company is named after a Greek letter?

9 The Japanese drink called sake is made from what plant, fermented?

10 Which Asian countries have the flags shown?

BONUS QUESTION: Infant babies have about 300 of these, and adult humans have about 200 of them. What are they?

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1 Chileno Valley was settled in the 1860s by immigrants from Chile, who grew hops. Thanks for the question to Dewey Livingston from Inverness, historian of Marin and Bay history.

2 Humans


4 Top Gun: Maverick

5 Cote D’Azur

6 Type O+, common in about 40% of the people.

7 Fidelio

8a. Delta       

8b. Omega

9 Rice

10 South Korea (with the yin-yang symbol) /Nepal (triangular)/ India (red, white and green parallel stripes)

BONUS ANSWER: Bones. Some infant bones fuse together to form the 206 bones that adults have.


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