.Hero and Zero: A fire hero and a reason for justice

by Nikki Silverstein

HERO: After a woman allegedly set a Mill Valley house on fire last Sunday morning, she was confronted by a neighbor. The alleged arsonist doused the neighbor with lighter fluid and was ready to use her lighter to set the victim ablaze. At that moment, an off-duty fireman grabbed the suspect and stopped her cold. Marin County Fire Captain Graham Groneman was driving past the scene on his way to get coffee, observed the pandemonium and jumped into action. He’s a true hero, and it’s not the first time either. In 2013, the American Red Cross honored him as a Marin County Hero for rescuing two children from underneath a small capsized boat in the surf off Dillon Beach. We remain in awe of Captain Groneman.

ZERO: While a South Carolina town files murder charges against a cop who shot and killed a black motorist, Marin County offers a job to a former sheriff’s deputy who was fired after he shot and wounded a black motorist in Marin City. The Personnel Commission, in a 3-2 vote, reversed Sheriff Robert Doyle’s decision to terminate Evan Kubota, though the trigger-happy deputy fired 16 rounds at an unarmed man in a car. At least the reinstatement includes a demotion, which prevents the bad apple from carrying a gun at work. There’s an opening on the Personnel Commission and we encourage sane Marinites to apply. The group needs another voice of reason to tip the scales of justice in the right direction. Call 415/473-7331 for information.

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