.Best Place to Start a Home Improvement Project

Grant and Sweetser Avenues, Novato

Where does one start a home improvement project? The possibilities are infinite, which is why many prospective projects fizzle out due to analysis paralysis. Stop thinking so much and head to the 700 block of Grant Avenue, Novato, the locus of all things home improvement in Marin County. 

Within a few hundred yards, one has access to everything you need to get started on a remodel, catch up on deferred maintenance or simply just mow the lawn (albeit, atop the Cadillac of mowers). 

Need a new kitchen? Kitchens by Ken Ryan have your back—they also have a plethora of cabinets, appliances, sinks, faucets and countertop options. Need glass? Old Town Glass is waiting with a view to your new windows. Time for a literal brush up of your color scheme? Marin Color Service (a Best of Marin Hall of Famer) practically invented the rainbow. And nestled between all of these Grant Avenue establishments is Buck’s Saw Service, a lawn and garden equipment emporium of the highest quality, boasting everything anyone would ever need when it comes to managing the balance of the great outdoors with your great indoors. Buck’s carries the finest outdoor power equipment available, as per their motto, “If it grows, we can help you cut it.” 

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Meanwhile, around the block on Sweetser Avenue, Novato Building Supply has the number on lumber, Novato Glass has been serving the area since the late 60s, North Bay Stone Works specializes in stone slab fabrication and installation, and AAERO Heating and Sheet Metal and Kelly Plumbing and Heating are on call to keep things warm and flowing respectively.

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music in the park san jose
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