.Letter: ‘Should consensual adult incest be legalized?’

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On Sunday, Dec. 21, I heard a radio speaker tell about a recent debate in which he had been invited to participate. The subject of debate was the new hot topic in the changing of American moral values. There were five people in the debate and the speaker I was hearing was the only one standing for traditional values while the other four were on the side of change and the acceptance of “new standards.”

The new hot topic was: “Should consensual adult incest be legalized?”

A few years ago, in my annual practice of reading through the Bible, I noted all scriptures that refer to human sexuality. Of all the forbidden acts mentioned, there were more laws against incest than any other sexual sin. Of all sexual sins, incest is the most destructive to the family and to society.

If consensual incest between adults becomes acceptable it will increase incest involving all ages. At present, incest between two consenting minors may get them in trouble with their families, but there is no legal action that can be taken unless there is a two-year gap between their ages. Then the older consenter can be charged with molestation.

At present, we have government-supported groups such as Planned Parenthood, who openly encourage young people of all ages to experiment with various types of sexual activities. With whom is it easier to experiment than those in your own household?

Recently, my wife participated in local grand jury hearings. The hearings were to determine whether or not there was enough evidence to bring the cases to trial. All of the cases involved adult molestation of juveniles. Some involved incest.

History teaches that the stability of society depends on the stability of the family. Acceptable incest would lead to the total destruction of the family. History has also taught us that the moral decay of a society only stops in one of two ways: There is either a moral revival or that society totally collapses.

Steve Casey, Sonoma

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