To Supervisor Dennis Rodoni and his wealthy “environmental” supporters: It seems climate change caught up with you folks by threatening the Tomales Bay oyster farms after you shut down the Drakes’ Bay oyster farm for no good reason except your own ego.

Drakes’ Bay, as part of the ocean itself, is not likely to suffer these drastic swings in temperature and acidity as the bottled up Tomales Bay with its narrow opening to the sea, further encumbered with shallow sandbanks. The Drakes’ Bay oysters actually improved the clarity of the ocean water as well as provided a relatively inexpensive source of high quality protein. Plus, they tasted really good.

And now you have ruined the beautiful San Geronimo Golf Course as an extension of your ego-driven power trip. You obviously have no idea in hell of what you are doing.

Alex Easton-Brown


Impeachment Conviction Unlikely

Paula Capocchi writes (“Letters to the Editor,” Aug. 8, 2019) that no one, most especially Donald Trump, should be above the law in our country. Why, she asks, hasn’t Congress moved forward with an impeachment inquiry? Because if the House, controlled by Democrats, drafts articles of impeachment that’s not the end of the story. It’s then up to the Senate, controlled by Republicans, to take a deep breath, salvage what remains of its collective integrity, review the long list of Trump’s transgressions great and small, and convict him. But the Senate won’t do that, so impeachment doesn’t buy us anything. And it might energize the MAGA crowd.

The best those of us who loathe Trump can do at this point is encourage the Democrats to quit squabbling and unite behind a candidate who can beat him in 2020. If Trump loses, he becomes a private citizen no longer immune to prosecution, and with any luck he’ll wind up spending the rest of his days playing cribbage with Bernie Madoff.

Stanton Klose

San Rafael

Trump Be Damned

The elephant in the living room; Republicans’ “guns everywhere” agenda.

Congress must ban assault weapons and Donald Trump should stop his hateful and racist rhetoric. Words become actions.

Hey Republicans, whose side are you on? The NRA’s, gun manufacturers, gun lobbyists or the American people?

With all the killings going on did you miss this? Trump may not have colluded with the Russians, but it’s undeniable that he knew about the Russians interference, welcomed it as a gift, and then tried to stop it from being investigated. Rather than defend the rule of law, Trump subverted it. Even the most generous reading of Mueller’s report is a profoundly damning portrait of Trump.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City

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