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Tone Deaf ‘50 Up’

We picked up the new copy of 50 Up. I guess this is supposed to be a celebration of achievement and fun for peeps over 50.

So, it opens with Daedalus Howell’s op-ed telling us older folks that we definitely should feel our age: You’re too old to be doing whatever you think it’s okay for you to do. Oh, and we’re no longer allowed to skateboard. Should we switch to shuffleboard so we don’t fall and hurt ourselves?

And he sneers at us for wearing hoodies and flip-flops. (I can see not wearing flip-flops while skateboarding, but does anyone do that?) I’d better run out to Target for a pink sweater with a teddy bear on it. I understand that it’s difficult for the younger folks to get a handle on what aging is like, and that it’s all too easy to let some contempt sneak in. But didn’t anyone else read over this?

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

In future, if you want to talk to people over 50, I suggest you get someone in the same age group to do it.

Susan Kuchinskas

El Cerrito

Editor’s note: Daedalus Howell is, in fact, turning 50 this year.

Thrifty Shopping

The other day I was on a quest for 2 pints of ice cream. That turned into a crazy insightful day. 

I thought, “I’ll just pick it up at a local convenience store.” Big mistake. One local store in Cloverdale wanted $6.99 for each pint. I put it back and said sorry. The next store was even more; $7.99 for their pints. I said no and walked out. I tried CVS next and paid $10 for two pints. 

Twenty dollars does not go that far in today’s economy. These days you definitely have to watch the ever-changing prices or get stung by high-price inflation.

N. M. Sartain



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music in the park san jose
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