.Hero & Zero: A dog rescuer & a hit-and-run

By Nikki Silverstein

Hero: A scared dog caused quite a ruckus when she darted in and out of traffic on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard last week. Cars slowed and traffic stopped while drivers tried to avoid the pup.  Fortunately, Isaac Morgan, a doggone smart teen, saw the commotion and took swift action by herding the pooch onto a sidewalk and corralling her into the garage of a nearby apartment complex. Cornered, the pooch growled at the Drake High freshman, who approached cautiously to see the phone number on her collar. Morgan called the pet’s people seven times before reaching them and he kept her safe until they came to claim her. The diligence and efforts of a 14-year-old saved the dog and made a family very happy. Kudos to Morgan.

Zero: What is up with these angry wealthy white guys and road rage incidents? Two bicyclists, Jonathan Kibera, 38, of Mill Valley and Alex Boal, 38, of Corte Madera, were riding south on Shoreline, near Panoramic, when a group of cars began passing them. A vehicle honked and Boal made an obscene gesture with his finger. The last car, a black Tesla, pulled in front of the cyclists and slowed down. As Kibera continued riding, the driver appeared to intentionally impede the cyclist’s movements and eventually slammed his brake. Kibera collided with the Tesla and was ejected onto the roadway. The driver fled the scene, but witnesses provided the CHP officer with a license plate number. John Donovan, 41, of Mill Valley, was arrested for a felony hit-and-run.

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