Rants, Raves and Rape

No wonder your paper has become such a dud (“Wasted Justice,” Oct. 10). Not really reporting in any sense of journalism. What the hell happened to innocent until proven guilty. I don’t care who was right but . . . the woman could remember nothing! So you are going to convict on that?

How stupid and vapid and mindless just because you believe one side over another. How about the McCarthy years of guilty until proven innocent, or communism, or living in a totalitarian society.

We have laws here to protect all of us, and she is literally saying, no, if we believe you are guilty without any proof, then you are guilty, so off to the cell. Is this really what you want our country to start doing?

Shame. I will never pick up a copy of your stupid paper again and will advise the same on the internet and to friends. It used to have some semblance of “middle of the road,” a long time ago. Now just a left-wing, socialist Marxist newsletter to the deaf and dumb.

John Monte

Via Pacificsun.com

What an important story. Maia, you are very brave. You were so young when these things happened to you. We were all so naïve back then, and there wasn’t all the information that we have now. Thanks for being a Hera (hero) and telling this story.


Via Pacificsun.com

Thank you for covering the news around Marc Levine’s sexual harassment bills, Nikki Silverstein’s reporting on the difficulty of rape victims’ obtaining assault examinations “on what is likely the worst day of their lives,” and the brave and heartbreaking article by Maia Boswell-Penc on her observations as a multiple rape survivor.

As a man, I remain aghast at how rape survivors continue to face stigma and fear in today’s America. “Justice Denied” is an apt title for the issue.

Christine Blasey Ford has still not been able to return home because of the volume of death threats she has received since she accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

Ford previously told the Senate Judiciary Committee she was forced to leave her home with her family on Sept. 16. She then said her “greatest fears have been realized,” as she continues to receive death threats and lives in hiding.

This nation suffers from some great evils today. Shockingly, sexual assault and the ongoing victimization of women by men are still among them.

Paul Bonapart

Corte Madera


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