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Burning Down the House

Members of the opposition party have been thrilled about Nancy Pelosi’s decision to seek re-election in 2024. No one, not even President Joe Biden, is more accountable for Democratic Party ineptness than the congressperson from Pacific Heights.

My impression of Pelosi is that when her house is burning down, she is outside mowing the lawn. Both parties need to get younger, smarter and more competent really, really fast. The first one to do so will keep a third party from taking over. Otherwise, the duopoly is done.

Craig J. Corsini

San Rafael

Numbers Game

The mandatory retirement ages for federal government employees should be as follows: President of the United States = 85 years old.

Vice president of the United States = 85 years old.

United States senator = 80 years old.

Supreme Court justice = 80 years old.

Presidential cabinet members = 75 years old.

United States representative = 75 years old.

Sub-cabinet level department heads = 70 years old.

Federal judges and prosecutors = 70 years old.

All other federal government employees = 65 years old.

Jake Pickering



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