.Thanks for Not Procreating: Making Census of the Moment

A response to Barry Barnett’s Open Mic on population control and U.S. birth rate regulation laws

First off, thank you for not procreating.

Some people are happy being solo, some fervently choose and some just aren’t meant to procreate, and that is how it goes.

Secondly, the UN wrote a report back in 2010 showing that sustainable farming has the potential to support growing populations in a way that is healthy. It is obvious more and more everyday that since the invention of plastics and petroleum in the 1900s, multinational corporations are polluting and causing damage and harm to ecosystems.

Did you know plastic all started with rich men wanting to own billiard tables?

Let’s not blame the children; they are our only hope to turn things around. Mother Earth is well equipped to feed all of her children.

Third, patriarchal societies are what has exploded populations, along with the greed of man.

It is true, one man could father dozens of children, if not hundreds, like the ancient Egyptian king Ramses. A woman can only have one pregnancy a year for a limited number of years. Men populate more than women.

Why don’t men take more responsibility?

Fourth, education, education, education. It is a fact that countries with lower education access have the highest births per capita.

Educating women allows the whole of communities to become wiser, and is proven to help with life goals and child planning. It has been said that educating a man only gives him more knowledge to accomplish things for himself and for capitalism.

Many countries house unproductive, wounded men who pillage and rape women because of primal urge, which then leaves women forced to raise children, having no access to birth control and little in resources of support.

Fifth and lastly: Why not sterilize men? A drop of a man’s sperm has millions of potential offspring, and it is produced regularly, while a woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have. Why not have social programs that offer vasectomies to high school and college men? It’s literally a half-hour procedure and is reversible. Stop blaming, harming, controlling women, and protect them and their right to choose and raise the next generation of Earth healers.

Erin Renee
Erin Renee is a mother, feminist and farmer in Sebastopol.


  1. Someone calling for the sterilization of men should think about how that would have worked out in the previous generation of their own family.

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