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Green Wash

In the Feb. 15 issue, I read about the proposed Highway 37 project, a page after the Open Mic piece: “We Got Played—Fossil fueling climate change.” If the Highway 37 project as proposed comes to fruition, we’ll be played again.

This project is a freeway widening that has been greenwashed as “climate resilient.” Lane additions to Highway 37 will increase the roadway’s capacity and induce demand, resulting in more driving as congestion is (temporarily) alleviated. This induced demand will drive pollution, promote further unsustainable land use and worsen climate change.

The proposed bike, pedestrian and transit improvements (HOV lane?) only provide a hue of green but don’t mitigate the overall environmental harm this road widening project will cause. Highway 37 lacks public transit.

Proposed passenger train service along this corridor is likely the only way to lessen the environmental impact and climate footprint of transportation in this area. More cars and increased automobile trips are not the solution.

The 1950s are calling, and they want their highway building project back.

Sprague Terplan

San Francisco

Pacific Sun
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