Hero & Zero: Kindness & Self-Entitlement

Hero: Getting your vein poked with a needle is no fun. For the many patients waiting recently at the Kaiser lab in Terra Linda, it became nightmarish. First, the computers went down and the staff scrambled to keep the lab running. Next, a man having his blood drawn began screaming obscenities. Susan, an interfaith minister in Marin who was preparing for her own lab work to be done, watched the hullabaloo unfold. “The entire waiting room tensed up,” she said. All the while, the beautiful phlebotomist wearing red braids remained unruffled and worked to soothe the angry man with her kindness. The situation was defused. “The entire staff in that Kaiser lab deserves recognition for their handling of the potentially chaotic situation,” Susan said. Well done.

Zero: Why did Neil cross the road? To get to the middle-aged woman whose vehicle appeared to be broken down in front of Fairfax Lumber & Hardware. The black sports car was stopped in the middle of the street, blocking traffic, and cars were forced to pull around. Neil, a longtime Fairfax resident, approached the car and found the woman on her phone, chattering away. When he asked if he could help, she gestured that she was on the phone. She finally stopped her conversation long enough to say, “This is Fairfax and people won’t mind driving around me.” Taken aback, Neil replied that Fairfax folks are considerate of each other. Still, she stayed put and continued her call. Marin is doomed when the self-entitled invade even Fairfax.

Nikki Silverstein
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