.Hero & Zero: Ice ICE & Icy Threats

Hero: There’s a new hotline in Marin to help ice ICE. If you witness Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) activity in our county, defend immigrants’ rights by calling the Marin Rapid Response Network at 415/991-4545 to report what you see. It’s becoming more important than ever to monitor and document ICE operations as Attorney General Jeff Sessions focuses on sanctuary jurisdictions, like Marin, with heightened enforcement and threats on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status. The Marin Rapid Response Network, a collaboration of local organizations, runs the 24-hour phone line to help gather evidence used to help free someone from ICE custody. Get involved by volunteering at the Network as a legal observer or dispatcher. Training will be provided and you don’t need to be bilingual. Visit marinrrn.org for more info.

Zero: Unfortunately, that 43-home development on the Martha Co. property in Tiburon, first proposed in 1976, just won’t die. The Marin County Board of Supervisors approved last week, by a vote of three to two, the environmental impact report and the master plan. “Beware, a precise development plan could include future group homes, child care centers, residential second units and affordable housing on one or all of the 43 lots,” said Scott Hochstrasser of Fairfax, president of International Planning Associates, speaking on behalf of Martha & Co. in an article in the Marin Independent Journal. His caveat sounds better than dozens of McMansions.

Nikki Silverstein
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