Letter: ‘Nails done … You poor things.’

Entitlement wars

I enjoyed your interview with Peter Coyote [“Looking Back and Moving On,” April 24]. I understand why he is leaving. I’ve been in Marin County for two months helping a friend. In that time I can easily see how young people think we from the ’60s have been an utter failure in living up to our ideals. I’m not pointing fingers—it’s simply a general observation. Your problems are your own and I can’t claim any expertise whatsoever. I’m just looking forward to going home to Mendocino.

Perhaps a solution to your imaginary problem, Effie [“Exercise might do you good,” Letters, May 1], would be to drop your daughter off, park the car and then you walk to have your nails done. Then you wouldn’t have to be mad and betray yourself for the self-righteous, petty and entitled person you presented yourself to be.

What about people who have a severely debilitating injury or chronic pain who can’t afford to see a doctor for a handicap placard, and have to park out of their way because of all the unfilled handicap spots that they can’t use without a huge fine? This is what I see more often than not.

Sometimes it’s not easy to get takeout and carry a bunch of boxes to your car, so these businesses arrange to have spots for their customers. They’re the ones paying the rent; wouldn’t they be as entitled as you for a convenience that can be an inconvenience to the rest of us? I’m not pro-business; I’m anti-people who think their idea of how things should be is the right idea.

If your daughter can’t walk a “few more feet,” how’s she going to walk into the store to get her nails done?

Nails done … You poor things. Hopefully we are moving backward Effie, if moving forward means accommodating people like you.

G. Aylen

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