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Penny for Your Thoughts

The beloved 99 Cents Only Stores announced a wave of closures across California, Nevada, Texas and Arizona, totaling 371.

First, these were NEVER “beloved.” These outlets were understaffed, the staff was poorly paid, and a recent This Week Tonight skewered the retail chain’s “leadership.”

Second, these outlets were placed in high crime areas and were a magnet for evildoers. The staff were expected to “protect” the stores and the merchandise, while operating the checkout machines, stocking the shelves, among other duties, such as maintaining store cleanliness.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

Third, blaming the governor for establishing a minimum wage is nonsensical. Living in California on $20 an hour cannot be done. The ownership of these outlets make far more than $20 an hour, and their neglect in these matters showed. Further, a recent town hall meeting over the closures revealed a councilperson supporting the closure for reasons mentioned here.

Gary Sciford

Santa Rosa

Pondering Pot

What if we regulated the dairy industry like we do cannabis? More of us would’ve been breast fed because why would we go to the store when we could make it at home?

Jeff Flick



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music in the park san jose
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