Hero & Zero: A star teenager and a hit and run culprit

by Nikki Silverstein

Hero: A Larkspur teenager and his acute hearing saved the life of an injured hiker who had been missing for nine days in the Sierra National Forest. Kobe Pole, 15, a volunteer member of the Marin County Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue Team, explored a rough, remote area of the forest and heard a faint whistle from half a mile away. His teammates were unable to hear it until they moved closer to the sound. Indeed, it was Miyuki Harwood, 62, the missing hiker. Harwood will recover, thanks to Kobe’s young ears. (As we age, presbycusis occurs, causing the diminishment of our ability to hear high-pitched frequencies.) The Redwood High sophomore is the youngest member of the rescue team and plans on becoming a ranger. Kudos, Kobe.

Zero: Naia is the victim of a variation on the hit and run accident: Hit, stop, pretend and run. On September 1, someone bashed Naia’s bright blue convertible Volkswagen Beetle, which was parked on Tamalpais Avenue in San Anselmo. The driver left a note, “Give me a call and I can give you my insurance info. Elizabeth.” Unfortunately, the number provided doesn’t reach Elizabeth. Since the culprit left no last name or license number, we believe she left a fake note to make witnesses think that she was doing the right thing. Well, Elizabeth—if that is your name—Naia simply wants her car repaired. We’ll relieve you of this Zero status when you take responsibility for your actions by contacting [email protected]

Got a Hero or a Zero? Please send submissions to [email protected]

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