.The Morning After

Kamala Harris is an inspiration. She gives me hope. Last night (Aug. 19), her passion was contagious. Authenticity shone through her smile and in her words. She embodied love. 

Justice, fortitude, dignity, resilience, strength, stamina, hope, commitment; these are all words we need to hear and expect to hear, but love? Only the bravest can voice this word and mean it, a word of such strength and tenderness that it sits like a shy bird on the palm.

We need that word and we need that sensibility in our leaders now more than ever. We need them to care deeply: to love what they do and to love us, the people they represent, enough to do the hard work that is required. I think Kamala Harris has what it takes. The guts to use the word and the sincerity to mean it.

I hope Joe Biden wins and surrounds himself with more strong, capable women who hold love as their sword and their shield. The collective strength of women is what makes us extraordinary. Ours is not a solitary power, based on personal striving and achievement; ours is the power of sisterhood, compassion, mutual service and caring. It is the power of love. Fierce love when called for, tender love when needed. 

Now is our time to take back and to heal this nation and the world. Our time to offer what we have as a group: the strength to endure, the vision to inspire and the guts to lead.  I saw that possibility revealed in Kamala Harris. I wish her Godspeed.   

Laura Bachman

San Anselmo


  1. Are you sure you want to make a hero out of a politician weather she is of the Divine gender or not? The history of politics is Worthy of Investigation. The DVD with the one word title Hamilton from PBS An American Experience is worth a baccalaureate and master’s degree together in political science.


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